What is Systemic Therapy?


Systemic therapy, also known as family therapy, is a type of therapy that focuses on relationships. It can take place in various forms; individually, as a couple, family, organisation or professional team. We are all part of systems; family systems, work systems etc. When something goes wrong for one person in the system, it affects everyone else too.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Family or systemic therapy helps those who are experiencing problems in their relationships to safely talk with each other about difficult thoughts and feelings and to understand each other’s views, experiences and needs.

It also helps those affected by another person’s difficulties to become part of the solution.

Working together in this way can help to create closer and stronger relationships and to make meaningful changes.

What kind of difficulties can family therapy help us with?

  • There is conflict and tension between family members
  • The family is affected by the problems of one person
  • A family member is struggling and you want to help them by working together
  • A person in your family is having difficulties but refuses the offer of help
  • There are big changes in the family and you need help to adjust
  • Communication in the family is difficult
  • You are entering a blended family and you want to figure out the logistics
  • You are an adoptive/foster family and want support in dealing with your child’s emotional needs


Family therapy can help improve your relationships with significant others, help you communicate your needs safely, understand those close to you and find new ways of addressing concerns together.


Mitos supports international families and children. Family Therapy can help children who struggle with anxiety, low mood, isolation, school refusal, bullying, trauma, loss, health issues, transitions, relationships etc. Parents and children are seen together or in separate sessions, with joint sessions as needed. This helps the child to find ways of overcoming their struggles but it also helps the parents to support their child through this difficult time.


Mitos supports parents in finding ways to support their children and maintain warm and loving relationships. This is about being the parent you want to be while addressing the challenges of family life.

My child is violent/controlling/engages in self destructive acts. Can you help?

For these kind of difficulties we use an approach called Non Violent Resistance. This works by helping parents to develop a caring yet effective response to aggressive, controlling, self destructive or other unsafe behaviours. Non Violent Resistance work takes place with the parents without the child present. Read more about Non Violent Resistance here.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy helps those who are experiencing difficulties to find better ways to communicate, understand each other and to jointly find solutions problems that affect one or both of them. Vasiliki is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT is a well researched and effective approach for couples therapy. At Mitos we work with couples of all sexual orientations.

What kind of difficulties can couples therapy help us with?

  • Communication difficulties between you and your partner
  • Frequent tension and conflict
  • Drifting apart
  • Adjusting to changes in your lives that affect your relationship
  • Disagreements about important decisions
  • Repairing your relationship after an affair
  • You or your partner are experiencing health/mental health difficulties and you want to find ways of helping and coping as a unit
  • Intimacy or sexual issues within the relationship
  • Separating and wanting to make this easier for those involved (e.g. your children)
  • Relationships with extended family or other important people that impact negatively on your relationship

Individual Therapy

Individual systemic therapy can help individuals process relationship difficulties and strengthen their relationships. Through systemic therapy you can deepen your understanding of yourself in relation to others and find new ways of expressing your thoughts, feelings and needs so they can be better understood by those who are important to you.

Systemic therapy can also help you to understand the experiences and needs of others and to find ways of working through relationship difficulties, even if the other person does not attend therapy.

What kind of difficulties can individual systemic therapy help with?

  • You are experiencing difficulties in one or more key relationships
  • Your physical or mental health is affected by current difficulties in a significant relationship
  • Your physical or mental health is affected by past difficulties in a significant relationship
  • You are going through a tough period and this is impacting on your relationships
  • Someone you care about is struggling with an issue and you want to know how to help
  • You are experiencing challenges in your role as a parent
  • You are experiencing challenges in your work environment
  • There are changes in your life that are difficult to adjust to

Mitos embraces diversity and strives to address inequalities of any kind. Mitos works with any type of family and people of all sexual orientations,  ethnic, cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

Is Family Therapy Effective?

Research has shown that systemic therapy can be effective in the following situations:

  • Couple relationships difficulties
  • Behaviour difficulties
  • Parenting issues
  • Illness and disability in the family
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Self harm
  • Psychosis
  • Physical illness
  • Substance misuse
  • Looked after children
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