Non Violent Resistance


What is Non Violent Resistance (NVR)?

Non Violent Resistance is an approach designed to help parents deal with their children’s aggressive, coercive or self-destructive behaviours. It was developed by Israeli Psychologist Haim Omer and is used widely in Europe. It can also be found under the name New Authority.

NVR helps parents and carers address aggressive, controlling or self-destructive behaviours whilst also strengthening their relationship with their child. It can also help parents of young adults who are still living at home, or who are dependent on their parents in other ways.

NVR uses the resources of the community that surrounds the child or young person to empower their parents or carers to deal with the concerning behaviour.

The NVR approach focuses on increasing parental influence through de-escalation and support from the wider system around the child or young person (e.g. extended family, school etc).

NVR is not a behavioural parenting method. It focuses on the needs of the parents and supports them in building stronger and safer relationships with their child. Parents say that NVR helps them to get closer to their children and to feel stronger in dealing with problems.

NVR therapy takes places with parents or caregivers, alone. This is particularly helpful when the young person is refusing therapy.

NVR is a relatively new approach there are, however, numerous studies about its effectiveness. Further literature is available upon request.

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